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About Jessbee


My name is Jessica Boudreau (Jess for short) and I am a voice actor, composer, singer, and game developer. I'm currently 25 and live in New England with my fiancee. I studied game design in college and took several classes in music production.

I am a trans woman, but my natural voice is not very deep. I prefer to play female characters but I have also auditioned for some male roles. I am versatile and always willing to try something new!

I can be reached by email or through Casting Call Club. I work a day job, so I am most likely to be available on weekends and evenings, but I check my emails often.

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    Jess did great with this character! She performed wonderfully with the description we gave her and we happily recommend her to anybody considering her for this project!