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Jenny Mawite

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About Jenny Mawite

Hello, I am Jenny, a talented voiceover artist possessing a diverse range of vocal abilities, including exceptional control over tone, pitch, and delivery. I have the ability to adapt my voice to suit various characters, moods, and styles. With strong communication skills and a keen attention to detail, I bring scripts to life with authenticity and emotion. 

  • @Ash_Says_Y3s

    I would 100 percent recommend her as a voice actor! She always submits her lines within the designated time and produces high quality results! 

  • @badkod

    I have recently started working with Jenny on the because of Paris in project. A series about friends and high school. All though her role wasn’t much Jenny has put over 100% percent into the program in handing this in on time , communicating and collaborating. Most definitely recommend her for any projects she has the voice of an angel and is such a wonderful person to work with. -Becca R & J studios 2023©️

  • @Ninten_King_64

    I hired Jenny as a voice actor for one of my new characters back in October. She managed to give a great performance, took feedback really well, and responded quickly most of the time. I recommend her for anything you may need. I know I'll be having her onboard from here on out! 

  • @TheKaweahCat

    Jenny was very easy to work with. She was responsive to detection, punctual, with great vocal fidelity and excellent audio quality. I hope to work with her again.