Icefang Cerule

Icefang Cerule

Audiobook style narration and voice acting. Need a low growly voice? Say hi!

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About Icefang Cerule

Gay Asian American furry, programmer by trade but recently cast for short story narration and character voices for visual novels. My qualifications are ~13 years of D&D characters and a deep, unresolved desire to have been one of the theater kids in high school. Accents listed in my profile are the ones I can do most comfortably, but I'm dedicated to studying as needed for a role.

Check out my YouTube channel for some examples of my work!

I read visual novels in an audiobook style, low growly voices are my favorite.

Discord: @icefang

Email: icefangonthemic(at)

  • @austin-ao-mcnamara

    Cerule was a perfect fit for our project. He ensured that every detail was covered before beginning work and checked every possible chance to ensure the product would come out quality. Highly recommend.