Heya! It's me! Beck!

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About Beck

Heya! I'm Beck. 

I'm a voice actor who wants some proper experience. Looking forward to working with you all! Please contact me by DMing me here on CCC, and I will provide my email there as well as all other necessary contact information!

What Beck is looking for

I want to work on cool, interesting projects with promise for originality with characters that you can love on the spot. Although, that doesn't mean I wouldn't also enjoy doing some fandom-related stuff too--provided that it's one of the many that I'm invested in, of course!

  • @melancholy-marionette

    Super talented and versatile! Just an absolute delight to work with in general :3 Audio quality was great and the delivered audio was really easy to work with. We were on a team together for a game jam with a strict deadline and all lines were delivered swiftly and on time with no problems whatsoever. It was an honour to get to work together! Thank you so much for everything <3