Kick logic and do the impossible !! That's how team Dai Gurren rolls!

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About YeaGrimbo

Howdo! Names Grimbo, I'm a 22 year old dude from the UK pursuing my dream of voice acting!
I'm down to do anything from indie projects to fan content!
Feel free to hit me up here or any of my socials if you want me to lend my voice for a project!

Twitter and instagram: @YeaGrimbo
Discord: yeagrimbo


$0.20 USD per word or $2 per line

What YeaGrimbo is looking for

I'd love to work on someone's game and bring their characters to life with a voice!! Especially a fighting game, being a big enjoyer of said games! However, I'd more than happily help with any series such as fandubs and cartoons if you think my voice would be fitting for a character!

  • @fhantasmal

    Overall super cool to work with!! Very friendly and patient and worked fast :) Definitely looking forward to seeing what they do in the future!!

  • @dubcentral

    Grimbo is a very talented voice actor. His Neo Metal Sonic impression was phenomenal. He has been very active with the project and has gotten his voice lines to me quickly! He's a great member to have on your team and I'm honored to be able to work with him.

  • @judfle8923

    They have an amazing voice, are very easy to work with, and got their stuff in on time. Overall they're great!

  • @sidney-rose

    Grimbo had a minor role in my "Bloodbath Bakery" fandub (a webcomic from Webtoon), and even though he didn't have a big part, he still did an amazing job on the performance for his respective role. He really did nail the "business man boss who is tired of your nonsense and doesn't care about what anyone has to say" attitude of his character. He is also a pretty cool guy to chat with, and is easy to work with as well. Thanks for stopping by my project, Grimbo. It was definitely a pleasure to have worked with him. 

  • @coina

    Grimbo has helped me find paid work and has been a total blast to work alongside, every character we voice together has a hilarious dynamic that I clicks well! Will always be the Larry to my Sal