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The Clown School - 2022

"Why Stop The Music?" With Meredith Gordon

Instructed by Meredith Gordon (Squeeze The Clown)

Held by The Clown School (Based in Los Angeles, California)
Group Instructor – Meredith Gordon (Squeeze The Clown)

In this class we will explore musicality in clown play. How the music of clown play affects you in your clown routines. Explore the musical qualities of your clown. We move through the space of our lives with a sense of timing, weight, and direction. This movement affects how we interact with the world, how we interact with each other, and how others see us—much of the musicality we express naturally. We can choose to explore new ways of musically expressing ourselves. These elements help us understand how our clown characters are seen, heard, and felt by our audience.

We will also explore musicality in clown routines, how our clown characters' music works with the theme of our clown routines. Previous musical experience is NOT necessary. That said, if you play a musical instrument, you are welcome to use it in class.

Meredith Gordon (aka Squeeze the Clown) Over the past 30 years, Meredith has trained and worked as an actor, clown and circus artist. Last year in 2020 he celebrated his twenty year of medical clowning. In 2000 he became a medical clown with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit and served as the Atlanta Clown Care Unit supervisor from 2012 to 2016. He is a founding member of Humorology Atlanta, which continues the tradition of medical clowning. He began working in social circus as a coach with Cirque du Monde in 2001 and continues his work as a circus educator. In 2020 he joined the board of directors for Clowns Without Borders. He is a 2019 recipient of the Tanne Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement by artists.

"Why Stop The Music" With Meredith Gordon (Squeeze The Clown)

  • @pomproduk

    Working with Ghastly was fantastic. A real professional and friendly exchange and of course a brilliant voice actor.

    We got all we needed in 1 audio file and we're picky, so that's a big compliment.

    We look forward to working with Ghastly again.

  • @ussramshack

    Fun, high energy, responsive, adaptive, passionate, talented - Dip is the whole package! Provided emotional range, responded well to direction, and has been a valued contact ever since! An incredibly positive experience.

  • @cruelhouse

    There is no sweeter feeling than casting the exact right performer for a role, and we waited for a while long time to find the perfect fit for Axel, but when Dip auditioned, the choice was clear. Their voice not only fit the character perfectly, but the sheer range in their performance was truly a sight to... well, hear. Who knows how long it'll take till we do another project, so till then, I implore you to hire Dip in our absence!

  • @cecilia_c

    Dipper is one of the most kind, hard working, incredible people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Dipper helped voice my character Venjamin for my (unfinished) third year film at SVA. But he did SO MUCH MORE than that! Dip has continued to help me with voice acting to bring Venjamin to life WELL after the end of that school year. He STILL helps me with voice acting, AND is incredibly helpful! We have become collaborators- friends! I am so proud of everything that they do, and know they will succeed as an artist, voice actor, musician,, all around talent. They have enormous creativity and talent and I seriously cannot recommend or thank them enough. ❤️ They are responsive, friendly, and easy to talk to. And- with many personal projects of their own, their creativity goes well beyond voice acting! And they manage their own discord server with tons of artists and creatives! Thank you so much for everything you do. - Ceci 

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