Fio / Feeoh VA

Fio / Feeoh VA

Call me Fio, Thanks for dropping by, I see you're stalking my page

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About Fio / Feeoh VA

Hello, Call me Fio! I am a Voice actor with 2 years of Expirence. I have been in plenty of Voice acting gigs. IF requested or needed I targeting children - teen audiences, I would much prefer nothing NSFW, I other things i also specialize in are Script writing, Minecraft HD skins and Video Editing and currently working on my own MCRP!


Voice Acting: 5 dollars per 500 words, Feel free to come message me on CCC or order off my Fiverr!
 Minecraft Skins:  I also make Minecraft 64x64 Skins as well as Minecraft HD Skins, Looking for any? come check out my Fiverr!

What Fio / Feeoh VA is looking for

Video games, Animations, and Minecraft RPs Voice acting, please do not request me to do NSFW projects! thank you ^^

  • @ari_sunshine

    Fio was super sweet and had an awesome vocal range! They're super passionate about what they do and would be a great addition to any project! I would 100% recommend them!!

  • @StepBear

    I have done works with fio before since we were also part of a video together and she is very funny and very easy and hard working. Great person to work with-

  • @brody_playsyt

    Fio is a great voice actor to work with and is a good person in general. She has a wide vocal range. Overall great person to work with!

  • @Tuzzler_

    A very kind, welcoming person to work with! Fio absolutely nails her parts whenever you need a child voice for your project, and is extremely easy to work with! Highly recommend!