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About Starlit_104

Hi there! I'm an aspiring voice actress with a higher-pitched voice. While I can do slightly deeper voices, I'm most comfortable in the middle of the higher-range. My pronouns are she/her and I go by Starry or Star. I LOVE writing books, songs, scripts (I'm improving), and just about anything! I'm a big reader and a HUGE theatre geek. While I'm not the best (A terrible) artist, I'm working on learning to animate and draw slightly better. I'm a self-taught (I've had a few private lessons) singer with a wide range. I'm work oriented and attempt to get things done as soon as I can, however my house is rather noisy most of the time making voice acting take a little more time. I hope I can work with you all!

  • @stitiro-official

    Starlit is a super friendly and fun voice actor, and it was awesome to have her as apart of my project! She was very open mined and cooperative, so working with her was enjoyable, and I would definitely cast her again if need be. Starlit was the VA of Mika, a character from my project, Glow: The Series, and she was a perfect fit for the role! (Updates about the project are on the link below if your interesting in seeing her performance)

  • @swoopie

    Starlit was the project director on the Mystifi: The Full Moon project I was a VA on. She was very helpful, instructive, welcoming, and kind to all of the VAs under her direction, including myself. She was clear on her instructions, willing to answer any of our questions, and was very accommodating for our individual circumstances. She was very kind to each of us, and was very welcoming- as this was my first VA project, I couldn't have asked for a better director.

    I would highly recommend her as a director.

  • @jinksclipva

    As director of The Secret Worlds of Mystifi: The Full Moon, Starlit made sure to always give due dates in advance and be extremely communicative with their voice actors. Starlit was always available to talk or chat, even if it wasn't about the project. Starlit was also very understanding when it came to their voice actors, giving extensions and giving feedback on lines if needed. They are a great director and it was a pleasure and a honor working for them! They will go on to do amazing things!