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Greetings, from Delray Beach, Florida! 

My name is Laura Namm (Stage name: Elliottskywalker) and I've been an avid voice actress for a little over a decade now. My voice has been featured in various fandubs, radioplays/podcasts, and amateur commercials. I enjoy using my voice as much as possible. There is no role that I would (try not to) turn down. Although I would love to make a profit off my voice, I'm really doing this for the experience.

I am currently 30 years old with a beautiful 4 year old daughter and 8 month old son - which makes me a stay at home mom for a while (also very much available for recording).

    Take a look around my profile. I assure you, you won't be disappointed! 😉❤

    Discord: Elliottskywalker#0729

    Cast Roles:


    Miss Ocean - The Secret 

    Miss Riley/Seth's Mom - The Boy Next Door

    Miss Alexa - ROBLOX Production 

    Velvet TeeCyberpunk 2073 

    Katherine Jones - The Imposter 

    Ui Nakatsugawa - A Bridge to the Starry Skies: 

     Princess Luna - My Little Pony (Audio Drama) [Ongoing]
    Autumn Richard - A Magical World GCMM [Ongoing]

    Aria - Magic of the Music [Ongoing]
    Bubbles - Scooby-Doo & the Toon Tour 2: Plan B


    Baby Natalie - Cheating Father
    Ava Ire - Ava's Demon [Ongoing]

    Katy - Zane: The Demon Prince

    BonnieMy Cheating Sister

    Woman at MarketTIMELESS

    GracieThe Origin of Doll


    Isabella (Child & Adult) - Swords & Sorcery: A Castlevania Series 

    Wind - Warrior Cats: Dawn of the Clans 

    Allyn - Visions/Roblox Roleplay Series

    The Archmage - Party of Fools (PAID)

    Hermione Granger -  Hogwarts Curse and a Secret Monster

    • @angelli

      Elliottskywalker is an amazing voice actor. I gotta say, THIS WOMAN IS SOOOO TALENTED!! She's very hardworking, always gets her lines in on time and very quickly. She's a friendly person, she's so great to work with, brilliant communication and you'll not regret casting her! <3

    • @ross-k

      I have worked alongside her for a while now, providing many different voices for Coxo Sparkle's popular Roblox animated movie channel. An excellent VA with good sounding clean audio, capable of delivering highly emotive performances, and always on time. Highly recommended.

    • @deleted546475

      Elliotskywalker is SO TALENTED! Like damn! She seems very hardworking and can deliver excellent lines with amazing emotion, perfect background noise and just knows how to play the character! cant wait to see your future works!

    • @jt424

      Laura voiced an innocent yet anxious teenage girl named Katy in my audiobook "Zane: The Demon Prince." She was great! She takes direction very well and was willing to do anything to help make my dream happen. She is a professional in every way!


    • @itsmimi

      Elliot/Laura Is so dang talented! she voiced in A Magical World, Autumn Richard, a best friend. She is one of the best voice actors I've ever had in a while, I defo recommend her! love how she is a wife, mother, and a voice actress with over a decade of exp! <33