The one and only Arthurian Rabbit (no, not that one)

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About Kebunny

Kelly Ulleanne is an Air Force veteran, working class shmuck, Art Institute vict-uh alumni, a mother of two, and even a former hobo!

With this plethora of life experience, she certainly makes for a very emotive actor.

Very Berry Studios - 2024

Project + Character Analysis Bootcamp

Instructed by Phebe Fabacher

Online class which instructs on how to:
* Identify good/bad projects/directors
* Analyze different parts of a character
* Understand lines and convey emotions
* Audition submission 101 + email templates
* Mock auditions

Voice One - 2023

In the Booth with Sally

Instructed by Sally Clawson

Students were directed by Sally Clawson on site at Voice One while doing blind line reads for characters and commercials.

Global Voice Acting Academy - 2023

Coach Guided Training Session

Instructed by Joyce Castellanos

A remote session where students provided 2 scripts (character and/or commercial) and were coached/directed by professionals in the industry.

StudioNPC - 2023

Meet the Directors

Instructed by Brook Chalmers, Jen Losi and Michael Allan Schneider

Prominent directors from the industry gave the inside scoop on what they expect from voice actors and how the process of live directed sessions tend to go.

StudioNPC - 2023

Notes From Casting

Instructed by Reese Bridger

Students chose and recorded an audition from NoStudioInParticular's supplied list and turned them in before class.
Auditions were reviewed in session and students would then follow Reese's direction to better improve their line reads for future auditions.

VoiceOne - 2024

Nailing the Audition w Sam Roberts

Instructed by Sam Roberts

Students were given commercial scripts to read for an agent from In Both Ears. They were then given feedback on better delivery and what agencies are looking for in talent.

Real Voice LA - 2024

Monday Character Workout w Arianna Ratner

Instructed by Arianna Ratner

Online character workout
using old video game and animation scripts. Students chose and performed live for the director, received feedback and were given advice on what the industry is looking for.

Erin Lundquist - 2024

Video Game Efforts Series - RPG Battle Effects + Private Coaching

Instructed by Erin Nicole Lundquist

Video Game Efforts Series (RPG Battle Effects) teaches students how to do a realistic battle cries and effects based on the weapons used/hit with, as well as how to perform them safely.
Private coaching was 1v1 audition work. Students bring an audition script they're working on and they receive feedback on how to improve their performance.

Real Voice LA - 2024

Voiceover Workout w Craig Lee Thomas (2x)

Instructed by Craig Lee Thomas

Students chose from a list of old commerical scripts and practiced reads for the director. They are then given feedback on how to interpret the specs, improve the performance and other acting choices they could have made.


Non-union rates

What Kebunny is looking for

Fun stories and interesting characters to voice!

  • @gregheff051

    Kebunny has done a terrific job as one of the important VA's of my current Re-dubbing project of Rocket to Insanity, she knows how to take direction very well, and gives a great solid performance delivery on her lines. I hope to work with her some more in the future when I post new projects and open roles.

  • @citrus-clips

    Kelly was absolutely fantastic! She was quick, friendly, and so enthusiastic about our project. Her lines were excellent, clear, and high quality. She was incredibly easy to work with, and the only downside was that we didn't have even more work for her to do. She'll be someone we're considering for more roles going forward, and she'll be a great asset to your project, too!

  • @randomwizkid

    I’ve had the pleasure of directing Kebunny in two projects so far. She has a unique, versatile voice and nails what I’m looking for every time with little to no retakes needed. 

    She is one of my go-to VAs and I look forward to working with her again!