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Connor Terrell

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I am a Richmond, VA-based voice-over artist, Dramatic tenor, rock artist, and stage actor. I've been acting for over 20 years and have appeared in several theatre and opera theatre productions. 

  • @deleted28279

    Connor was extremely professional in all of our interactions, and quickly replied back to me once I contacted him to see if he was interested in working on my project. His voice was perfect for the project, and he did a wonderful job of staying in character even when working on harder parts of the lines. I also thought the added improv was a wonderful touch, and I ended up using it in the final video. The different formats he sent me were very helpful, and he offered to rerecord anything that I needed too. 10/10 would work with Connor again! ^ - ^

  • @cashlinsnow

    Connor is professional and it shows. He voiced Manic (main role) for me in a piece I produced. He received one-on-one directing from me for this project and held a professionally friendly attitude the whole time. He performed more than excellently and was flexible for retakes and understood my direction well. There wasn't a single performance, no matter how challenging or high-energy, that he wasn't able to tackle perfectly. His long-standing activity in the acting and directing world definitely showed here. It was my pleasure to cast him and I hope he'll work with me on projects in the future!