Concerned Bear

Concerned Bear

an italian man who does cooky voices for fun

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  • @section9

    Bear and I have worked together many times in the past on several projects and he's been great at creating original voices and voice matches. an excellent range.

  • @amarblueblur

    good ass voice for my oc peak voice actor

  • @imzaru

    Concerned Bear is pretty experienced on voice acting, especially based on Sonic characters. I've listened to multiple samples of him reading off voices, in different styles going off scripts we've made or just tests. Overall, he puts in lots of effort and continues to work on voices.

  • @elunoir-unloveable

    Concerned bear is able to provide high-quality audio and work independently, a great asset to the team! 

  • @jsaking11

    Bear is a super talented individual with a wide vocal range and a master at his craft. I've worked with him on Paper Mario: The Rise of Voldemort, and he gives all his characters so much charm and personality. Not only is Bear super talented, but he is one of the funniest people I know. I highly recommend adding Bear to your cast. He'll bring a mix of professionalism and fun to the cast. 

  • @cainimates

    Bear is so passionate with his work and gives it his all in his work. He has a wide range with his voice and he's J Jonah Jameson in my show. Bear is easy to work and always sounds great.

  • @SleepyAtMidnight

    Heavily enjoy working with Bear. Always has a good vibe and is super fun to be around! His range is also very good from voicing everyone's favorite Eggman to various other things! One of the people I'm honored to have work with and I would recommend him big time.