Youtuber who creates content based around their original characters and projects. 

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About Jaydreamer

Oh sorry, I didn't notice you there. I'm Jay, and I'm creating content that centres around my several different OC projects. Here, you'll be able to see comics, animatics, animatic shorts, mini-movies, and character breakdowns all centred around my characters and their worlds!
Many of these projects have or need voice actors, so that is why I am here, to offer you a role in bringing my many projects to life! I'm also interested in voice acting myself, so I might drop an audition from time to time on projects which I find interesting.

If you need to contact me for any reason, my main platform of communication is Discord. My tag is Jaydreamer#1729.

  • @onyxvolcan

    Alright, I'll get straight to the point, Verbena is a great director. Out of my two years of voice acting as of 2022, the only directors I've had that have been more or as consistent as Verbena have been my voice coaches during my voice acting classes on Closing Credits. Verbena is very put together, and typically has a schedule lined up for assigning every script in their project. Once they give you an assignment, which they also give you a lovely amount of time to work on, you can typically expect to have consistent work until the project you were casted for is done. And it usually doesn't take long after casting is done for the assignments to start coming out. Verbena's also fun to hang out with, they can be silly and yet chill at the same time, so they always end up creating a relaxed atmosphere around them. And in the very beginning of my voice acting, while I was still recording in video files instead of audio files because I didn't understand formats at the time, they still took me in to work on one of their projects and gave me a nice comfortable space to learn and grow in, and I'll always be grateful for that. All in all, I've voiced for Verbena on multiple projects for almost as long as I've been voicing in general, and during that time I've learned enough about them and how they work to guarantee, if they ever have another project they want me to voice for them in and I haven't overloaded myself with work, I'd be happy to do it.

  • @rakuraikaze

    If you're looking for a passionate project director who pours love and dedication into their projects, then Jay is the person for you! I've worked as an voice actor for their passion projects and it was a blast. Jay is clear about instructions and always keeps you updated on the project(s) you're in. Not to mention they're an incredibly fun and friendly person to talk to!

  • @joceyb23

    WHAT an incredible talent Jay is. Really, at the end of the day, the person I have to thank the most for where I am today as a voice actor is this lovely individual right here. They were the first person who gave me a shot with a voiceover role here on CCC, and being a part of their project was truly a blessing and a starting point for every other role I've gotten since then. They're so creative with all of the time and work they pour into their projects, and I wish more people knew about everything that they create. Working with Jay has been an absolute pleasure and I'd love to get the chance to do it again.