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About Cerridwen

I'm a English voice actress that has been doing this for little while.  I also dabble in illustration, but mostly for fan art. 

I LOVE working on animated projects (that includes game ones too), I feel real joy when I see how my voice can give that extra oomph into making a character feel alive. My fave roles are villains, as they are so fun to play with in terms of character development and exploring our human nature.  Monsters and creatures are also another fave of mine; from a simple dog bark, kitty meows, to screeching horse neighs and even bat screeches. I also enjoy a bit of narration. 


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  • @viderememoria

    Cerridwen provided an amazing performance as Nerine in our Violet Evergarden: Another Perspective Fandub! Her lines are delivered on time, she takes direction very well, and always available and willing to get the lines done correctly!

    Cannot recommend Cerridwen enough!

  • @deyoku

    I've reached out for her help while scouting. And since then got treated with some top class voice acting from Cerridwen. Meanwhile she did a high pitched voice for a kitty, I mainly seeked her talents for narratives. And she was a perfect fit. The voice she wields is a true beauty. If your projects needs to be perfect, you ought to cast Cerri for the top class performence.
    And she is overall cool person!