Caitie Gray

Caitie Gray

Hi, I’m Caitie- a beginner voice actor who is excited to gain experience in the field of voicing.

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About Caitie Gray

Hello! My name's Caitie (she/they) 😊

I'm a voice actor from Australia who enjoys performing a range of characters from feminine to androgynous and young masculine voices.

Thanks for stopping by!

I do not consent to my voice being saved, stored, or used in AI data banks, or replicated in any way through AI mediums.


2024 Voice Acting Roles

Paper Mario: The Rise of Voldemort – Kammy Koopa

Paper Mario: The Rise of Voldemort – Larry Koopa

Paper Mario: The Rise of Voldemort – Additional Voices

Ratatouille Gives Charlie Ideas – Vaggie

Angel Dust Became a Baby! – Vaggie

Charlie and Vaggie Like Different Movies – Vaggie

Heart Patch – Vaggie

New VoxTek! – Vaggie

Vaggie Shouldn't Touch Angel's Stuff – Vaggie

Vaggie is Jealous of Ninque – Vaggie

Vaggie Gets Her Wings Back – Vaggie

Switching Didn't Go as Planned – Verosika Mayday

Character Tales: Fleeing Sunlight in the Night Fandub – Lisa Minci

White Night – Honkai: Star Rail Fan Cover – Lisa Minci

Hope is the Thing with Feathers – Xingqiu Fan Cover –Xingqiu

The Rarest Day in Teyvat – Mondstadt Characters

"These Two Have Most Definitely Never Taken a First Aid Class" – Stelle

Honkai: Star Rail Meme – Stelle

March 7th Can't Drive – Stelle

Fairy Tail Future – Romeo Conbolt

Fire Emblem: Engage Confessions – Yunaka

Fire Emblem: Engage Confessions – Clanne

Waiters Gonna Wait – Framme

Waiters Gonna Wait – Alear

Slashin’ Faux Pas – Alear

Maybe if You Help Me with My Goal – Edelgard von Hresvelg

Local Teen Struggles to Hit Stationary Object with Sword – Yukari Takeba

KonoSuba: Everyday Life in this Wonderful World Comic Dub Trailer – Megumin

Meet the Cast of the Jigsaw Trials – Toko Fukawa

Danganronpa: The Jigsaw Trials – Toko Fukawa

2024 Voice Acting CastingsΒ (in production)

Paper Mario: The Rise of Voldemort – Alphonse Elric

Paper Mario: The Rise of Voldemort – Bluey

Paper Mario: The Rise of Voldemort – Constance Hatchaway

Mikhail’s Farewell to Clockie – Stelle (Trailblazer)

Honkai: Star Rail Text Post – Himeko

Honkai: Star Rail Text Post 2 – Himeko

Honkai: Star Rail Attacks – Himeko

Genshin Impact Attacks – Jean Gunnhildr

Genshin Impact Attacks – Kujou Sara

Genshin Impact Text Post – Kujou Sara

Hazbin Hotel Comic Dub – Vaggie

Hazbin Hotel Comic Dub 2 – Vaggie

A Prank Too Far – Vaggie

Digital Hallucination – TADC Fan Cover – Zooble

VTuber Lore Video – Narrator

Miraculous Legacy – Nathalie Sancoeur

Miraculous – Marinette Fan Cover – Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Fairy Tail Future – Virgo

Sonic Comic Dub – Goat Character

Team Exorcist – Misaki

  • @Drhippotime1

    I met Caitlin over me and my friend’s versus project where she did an excellent job on the project! Was really quick with her progress and perfectly did the line! Cannot possibly recommend any more, absolutely spectacular work!

  • @jsaking11

    Caitie has a bright future ahead of her. She is such a super talented voice actress with a wide range and a wonderful sense of humor. One of Caitie's best strengths is her knack for improve and going the extra mile for the smallest of characters. Honored to be working with her.

  • @rysonic

    Caitie is able to deliver lines swiftly and still keep them at a high quality seems to have a strong range of voices and characters they can also remain enthusiastic about the roles and characters they play they also have given a great performance for each role I have casted them as

  • @morphy

    I've asked Catie to voice in a few comic dubs. Catie went above and beyond to voice in my projects, and even added some adlibs that improved what we were going for. Catie always asks first though, and is very respectful about what needs to be done.

    If you need a VA that is great at what they do, and can do it on time, ask Catie!

  • @stqrrykei

    Caitie is a brilliant voice actress. Always taking note of when she can’t get things done in-time; making herself very reasonable. But the wait is always worth it. Caitie manages to give a various amount of takes for the director to pick out, showing all kinds of emotions throughout her performance. She works in my fandubbing studio for multiple roles and I cannot express how thankful I am to have her in my team. Love you Caitie! Keep being the best of the best :)