A Native who enjoys voice acting and fantasy RPGs

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About BrentMastyVA

Wachiya [Wa-G-Ya], (Cree for "Hello" or "Welcome")

I am a 29 year old aspiring voice actor and music composer Indigenous Creature. (Cree Tribe of Northern Quebec)

I am also a Singer/Musician, Producer, Live Sound and Studio engineer. Took 2 years of a Music Industry Arts Program from Algonquin College. Received a diploma and a certificate from a similar introductory program.

Here are some of my personal projects;

  • "Our Last Day In Light" Metalcore band, releasing an EP "Elemental" on April 16, 2024. 3 Singles are out now on all streaming platforms.

  • "CreaoticWolf" - Chillstep music on streaming platforms. EP available for listen.

I use Cubase as my main DAW for all of my projects.

I can edit my own voice lines and send them however you need me to.

I will always update you on any delays of recordings or personal matters that come. As I do have a 9-5 day job and my music business.


CreaoticWolf #1221

Our Last Day In Light links:

CreaoticWolf links:


A reasonable amount, depending on amount of work. (Can be discussed)

What BrentMastyVA is looking for

Anything that peaks my interest. Whether be story, character, the world, etc. 

Skyrim projects are currently my go to searches. 

Currently in 2 on-going projects I cannot share yet until released and given the go ahead

  • @beautifuldreamer

    Having only finished a few songs and lines, it's clear that Brent puts in SOLID work with his parts, and aims to finish them with top tier quality every time. He sends in his files so quickly and even doesn't need a retake. It's almost as if he IS the character you assign him for. Not to mention his VOICE?! Everything about him is complete top tier. You know you have a GREAT cast member when you have him on your team.

  • @anbeegod

    He did multiple soldier roles for my mod. He's good with a rugged voice and delivers the work professionally without delay.