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Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro
  • @hydro

    Bones Mcgee aka Bones The Boneless! Will surprise you with his vocal range and tones and he can also do a pretty damn impressive Morty impression!

  • @DACHero

    He nailed the vocal expressions for our main character! Clean and crisp quality, and great to work with! 

  • @ikumidubs

    So far with bones being in my project , they get their lines on time and have been giving their all doing their best. I recommend them!

  • @arcosofblackheart

    Cast for a role so small, I didn't even know what to do with it, it would have been cut from the project entirely if not for Bones' amazing and energetic performance! Absolutely glad to have cast him!

  • @gloooooooooom

    bones was amazing to work with !! he was really cool and friendly and delivered the lines really quickly and they perfectly fit his character. i really really recommend working with him !! :D

  • @elunoir-unloveable

    As their name would suggest, BonesMcgee provided an excellent narration for an undead atrocity. Their tamber is unique and very well suited for any of your projects containing monster-like entities.