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About benjaminmcampbell

Hello! My name is Benjamin M. Campbell, I'm a software developer from Michigan, USA who has been told he has a nice voice and should try to do something with it. So occasionally I'm trying to speak words into a microphone and hope people enjoy hearing it.

If you add me on Discord and I don't accept your friend request, I apologize! Please try again; I often get spam in my PMs from random friend requests and, admittedly, sometimes I forget that people from CCC will contact me on there. I am working on being better at remembering this.

  • @binkusthetrinkus

    Excellent performance, great communication, and fun to work with. 

  • @spacewiz217

    Benjamin is such a fantastic voice actor! He's very punctual and really puts his all into whatever character he's playing! Benjamin is dedicated and hard working, I highly recommend casting him in your project! 

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Benjamin voiced a minor character in one of my Audio Drama. Brought the character to life, good audio quality with a fast turn around time. Can't wait to work with them again.