I am an art kid. And by that, I mean, whatever art-like thing that pops up in your mind, is probably still me.

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About Ellis

I go by Ellis <3

I'm also very gay.

Very interested in theatrical arts.


As a 16 year old, who especially doesn't care about retrieving money in any way, shape, or form, I'd naturally just believe that $5-10 per voicing project (per week/per month, I don't really mind) is a good starting price. I guess it really just depends on what is required of me to do.

What Ellis is looking for

Paid voice acting/acting projects. I'm wanting to find a way to make money since I'm not allowed to have a job. I usually look for people who are good with tech and art.

  • @stillthinkingu-u

    she's an amazing friend and doesn't let anything get down her schedule^^
    She's also good at finding videos to that you need for a project right at you! :] :)
    Auzera Price, is very kind, and a caring person^^