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About artsythesecond

Hi there everyone!

I'm an aspiring voice actor, as you can tell! I have been in theater for what seems like all of my life, and I love to preform on stage and in front of a mic!
I'm also an artist, which you can find me on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter under Artsythesecond!

Thank you all for giving me a chance to grow as an actor, and to reach for my dreams!

  • @mint-monster-va

    Artsythesecond is a very talented, passionate, hard-working, and friendly young lady when it comes to voice acting and singing. As a fellow member of a casting team, I have witnessed first hand her dedication to her roles. She handles everything with the consideration of the other member's feelings and can make most anyone smile with her wonderful personality and sense of humor. For someone still considerably young, she has amazing acting skills and a heavenly voice. A truly beautiful person to work with and be friends with! I greatly respect the kid, and I would recommend her to anyone!