Semi-retired Artist making animations with my wife. 

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Hi there! Just opened an account here for a large project that my wife and I are endeavoring to complete. (again) We normally don't hire for voice work, so there is not a lot to share about this sort of work history. My main focus for many years has been gallery paintings and digital illustrations. We are putting our heart and soul into this project.. it is very important to us. Cheers! &

  • @vaFyreHeart

    Arthur was a delight to work with. Responsive communication, very reasonable, and prompt to pay when the project was complete. Highly recommended!

  • @matt_quirkevo

    Auditioning and working for ArthurH was a great experience. He expressed the role with professionalism and enthusiasm and expressed his vision perfectly. He also gave great feedback which is always appreciated. I would highly recommend ArthurH. He is friendly, astute, and a great communicator. It was a pleasure working with him.

  • @garyyeung

    Arthur is fast with responses, gives clear and effective directions, and is all-around a pleasure to work with.

    I'd absolutely work with him again!

  • @hannahhebblethwaite

    Great communication with quick responses. I would absolutely work with them again!