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About Mizichi

Currently, a college student and freelancer. Studying Game Development, 2D animation, and Motion Graphics.

Portfolio: https://jmizcruz.wixsite.com/mizichi

What Mizichi is looking for

Looking for work in Comics, 2D Animation and Storyboard work. I can also do Illustrations and Character Turn Around Sheets. I have a little bit of experience with video games and I am looking to get more work in it.

  • @mavvo

    Mizichi is a wonderful artist! I needed a simple sketch of a scene in a watercolor style and Mizichi not only provided a fast delivery at an affordable rate, but also drew characters that are lively like how I imagined it. Their body languages portrayed exactly what I needed and were gender neutral like I asked. Mizichi's drawings are sure to make you smile because it did for me!

  • @summer-odyssey

    Highly recommend them! They are an incredible and dedicated creator who not only works hard but also truly understands your vision. A solid 10 out of 10 :)