Anna Kate Hindman

Anna Kate Hindman

I'm an actor with a great work ethic and way too much ambition. (Currently studying musical theatre at Samford University)

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  • @yukimiVA

    Anna Kate Hindman has been a pleasure to work with. She has an amazing voice and is an amazingly talented voice actor. She follows deadlines and always meets expectations! Whenever I need the lines to be redone she hands them in very quickly! She's sweet and kind aswell and communicates with other voice actors when she gets to the chance to. I really do recommend casting her! She's amazing and I'm so greatful I got to work with someone as talented as her.

  • @minnexas

    Anna did an amazing job on my project! Everything from the audition to the script itself! She is very talented and is wonderful to work with! I would love to work with her again in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the best in their work!

  • @ViraXVaAnime

    Kate is an outstanding voice actress. She cares about each role she plays as if it was herself… She is prepared, flexible, and overall just a kind VA who puts her all into any role she plays. I’m very glad your apart of Street Death Tokyo, and looking forward to working with you more in the future 

  • @munsenchantix

    Anna is a amazing voice actress!! She recently joined my Winx Club season 1 Fandub project as main protagonist Bloom!! Despite knowing nothing about the series and characters ever before she did amazing job as embodying Bloom role. And she tries her best to send her stiff on time too so she's actually the greatest and reliable voice actor you can ask for in your projects!