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    Andie is a quality voice actor: he excels in wide vocal range & performance, has a quick DM response time, and is straightforward to direct.

      In Hallownest Vocalized, he voiced 1 Major Role, and 8 Minor Roles (of which, 7 minor roles he volunteered for).

      The “Fungal Wastes Whispering Root” was best received by players because of the cute child voice he gave for a living fungus creature. While the role was small, it was key to providing a window into the region’s past, which Andie masterfully succeeded in doing.

      “Garro” is also a notable performance, as it highlights Andie’s unique range of voice. I never knew someone could sound commanding and strong, yet eloquent all the same. This is due to the accent he used being unique to most ears. I wish this character had more lines, as the voice deserved more.

      Andie Sanade is a solid voice actor, so if you’re considering him for a project, he will be the perfect addition to your team.

      Additional Notes: This recommendation is for a voice actor from Hallownest Vocalized, a Hollow Knight mod which gave English voice acting to every character in the game. This was a large-scale project, acquiring over 5,000 auditions, but only casting 100 voice actors. This is the mod's Launch Trailer (this VA does not appear in it)