Alexander Grace

Alexander Grace

Hispanic American Transgender Male voice actor for Teen or Young Adult. Visit for more info.

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About Alexander Grace

Hello, I'm Alex (He/Him), a Hispanic American transgender male voice actor in his late 30s based in San Diego, CA.

I started voice acting in December 2020 with audiobooks and have been training for animation and commercials since January 2023.

My credits include visual novels, audio dramas, and podcasts. I can deliver passionate dialogue to lighthearted comedy.

In my spare time, I like to write and create voice overs of my favorite webcomic series which you can find on my YouTube channel.

If you're looking for a youthful, friendly, and warm voice for your project, please send me a message or visit my website!

  • @anonymousch33se

    Recommended! Alexander Grace was a delight to work with! Communication was easy, and they're line delivery was quick and wonderful! They're really dedicated to delivering quality content and I'm so thankful they auditioned for my project, Rainbow Heartbeats!

    Thank you for helping me bring Michael to life!

  • @mavvo

    Alexander Grace is a very talented voice actor who can convince you with his wide range of emotions. We worked for 2 long months on this project and he has continued to stay loyal and reliable sending me audio files when needed. He is also very patient with my instructions and takes feedback and direction very well. You will not be disappointed when you have Alexander, a reliable and solid voice actor, in your project.