Alex Cerveny

Alex Cerveny

Digital content creator.

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About Alex Cerveny

I am a digital content creator and actor. I also do music! Check out my project Sigilyte on Spotify! 

My work can be found on most major streaming services, so have a listen and give me .004 of a cent!

What Alex Cerveny is looking for

I love helping people bring their original concepts to life! I work in a variety of media, with the goal being to turn it into a full time career.

  • @sazzle04

    Alex has been an incredible talent and voice actor who has made a huge impact on our visual novel project. Not only did Alex offer to play a role without being able to audition (a 'mystery' character), he also provided his vocal talent to another character at short notice.

    Alex worked with us closely to ensure he captured both character's personalities very well vocally. He turned all of his line recordings around in an extremely short amount of time and was very receptive and positive to any direction that was given.
    Alex would be a superb addition to your cast and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

  • @corvette

    Very talented artist. He really made the project music come to life.