Excited to be a part of your project! Can do a range of accents, but tend to specialise in standard RP British, London, Cockney, SE UK accents, young and old.

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About AceJace

Have a background in acting, and recently discovered the incredible world of voice acting, where I've dived headfirst with enthusiasm into this new forum. I'd love to be a part of your project, and am punctual, polite and ready to be called upon at short notice. Best of luck with all your voice and vocal adventures!



What AceJace is looking for

Excited to be a part of any type of project, but am a particular fan of videogame voice overs.

  • @ross-k

    How It Happened Jason had a lead role in a little audio drama I made adapted from a tale by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Super fast delivery of his files, polite and pleasant throughout, and demonstrated a good understanding of the character type I was looking for.