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I make vids and stuff.Check that shit out

  • @navi

    Ilikerobots has a pretty smexy voice if i do say so myself.

  • @the-cake-devil

    My adoration of this man is so grate, that my wife threatened that if I named any more of our children after Aaron she'd divorce me on the spot, needless to say our divorce is being finalized and Aaron the 6th is doing pretty good. But let's get real here, in a sea of mediocre, unprofessional, and inexperienced directors, this guy stands out as a beacon of hope. The man knows how to prioritize, meaning that he gets all of his editing and sound mixing done BEFORE he casts the voices (you know, like it's suppose to be) so his VAs aren't sitting on their hands, and he has a product as good as ready to go once the lines are in! If you want professionalism with a healthy side of cheese then look no further, cause this guy is as top quality as it gets on here.

  • @dirty-daniel

    I just wanted to say that in The Cake Devil's recommendation to Aaron, Cake Devil misspelt "great" as "grate". A grate is what you shred things with.

    But anyways, Aaron is pretty dope, once he sold me some cra- ….shrooms. I meant he got me legally prescribed opioids. If you ever need a drug dea- a pharmacist he's the guy.