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About SilverEzekial38

This is a variety channel, uploading content for video games, anime, memes, and other fun stuff (whether Youtube's algorithm likes it or not).  We play mostly for our own enjoyment and wish to spread that fun to others. Our current schedule (until we exhaust out backlog) is:
- Mondays: Stream recaps
- Wednesdays: Anime/Memes
- Fridays: Stream Highlights  
The recaps are just minute long highlights of specific streams from the Zero Escape VS and Etrian Isekai series. The Highlights are 30 minute long compilations of fun moments from varies series.

  • @leena-v

    Zeke sent his lines more than on time, and with the amount of amazing takes it was hard to pick a favorite! He really puts his all into the character, and you can clearly hear it in each line! To top it off, his audio quality is stellar!

  • @eminms

    Zeke is an ABSOLUTE SAINT. He's unbelievably passionate in what he does and is an absolutely spectacular voice actor, Zeke proves to never let down, from his delivery to his voices they are all amazing. He gives an amazing variety of takes and is so unbelievably easy to work with, I would recommend him to absolutely anyone.