We are a pair of passionate TOKUSATSU fans with a goal to create our own series.

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 Our hope is to bring the same love of the genre to more people and build our community. Our podcast has been fortunate enough to have hosted many guests throughout our time, and meeting more of the community has been the greatest experience of all.

Now our goal is to share that love in the creation of our very own AUDIOPLAY KAMEN RIDER SERIES. 

We are looking to work with fellow passionate TOKU FANS to build the best project together.

  • @CaseyLCovel

    A team of incredibly passionate directors manages the TOKUDON Series, and I'm so blessed to be one of the actors under their direction. 

    Through Discord, they bring the voice actors of their audio drama together, engaging them with high-quality samples of the work-in-progress and encouraging them to provide suggestions for the storylines and characters. I get to co-create my character with the directors as the story unfolds and am given much freedom and trust in bringing my role to life. 

    Working with this team has been a truly unique, incredible voice-acting experience. The directors are professional, communicative, encouraging, and kind. As a voice actor, I would jump at the chance to be involved in any of their future works! Highly recommended.