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About OfficialJT

Hey there everyone! My name is JT I have been a voice actor for over a year now and my main goal to is to improve, learn, grow and perform to the greatest ability and bring your characters to life. My range is wide but it mostly sits it the young adult male/teen male. I love meeting and growing closer with the people in this community and I have never felt more alive than I do now doing what I love! 

If you like what you hear here you want to commission or contact me you can DM me on




Rates are always negotiable!

$3 USD per line
$0.40 USD per word
$180 USD per 1 hour session

What OfficialJT is looking for

I'm basically open to anything but the ones I'm focusing and into  are:
Original animations/content/characters

Audio Dramas
Indie games
Visual novels/otome's

Not interested in:
Gacha club
Minecraft RP

  • @japhethva

    JT is literally one of the most amazing voice actors I've met in my 1 year career of voice acting. He's so talented and humble! He has such an awesome sounding voice that deserves more attention! JT is caring and loving and has really given his all as a Voice Actor. His voice, and character deserves more attention! 100% would cast for any project I can have him in!

  • @blueeye

    OfficialJT is a highly talented and easy to get along with guy! JT always delivers his lines with the best performance possible. And even on the chance where he needs directing, he is easily able to understand the direction and give us exactly the performance we imagined. Not only that but he is really easy to get along with and knows when to be serious and when work needs to be done. I would highly recommend JT for any project you may be considering him for as he is a very talented actor and a overall fun guy. 

  • @alumin

    I have actually worked with JT in fandubs and am currently working with him in several other projects. Let me tell you, this man is an amazing voice actor. He's able to emote lines amazingly and not only that, he is also a joy to work with. He's responsive, caring, professional and overall such an amazing person to work with! Trust me when I say this, you won't regret choosing JT for any of your projects!

  • @ampharox

    Good communication. Amazing acting. Very Professional. 

  • @shk

    JT put in a great performance in my recent video. I highly recommend him.

  • @scissorboy

    I hired JT as a narrator on my personal movie, and I couldn't be happier with their performance. Clear, crisp sound, a wonderful voice, and delivers quality recordings in record time! Couldn't recommend them more!

  • @MysticalVortex

    OfficialJT has been amazing to work with so far, they have recorded lines for my project with no problems whatsoever, and have been delivered to me in perfect quality and just as I envisioned. I highly recommend anyone to consider JT for their project . Thanks JT :)

  • @deyoku

    So not going to lie, I chose OfficialJT for the role that had many strong auditions. And (highfive to myself) I did the correct choice. He delivered swiftly, his attitude was great (if I was an old babushka I'd call him a handsome young man) and his voice acting plus audio quality was higher than my expectations perhaps. Good stuff!

  • @john-paul-amaya

    Oh JT was wonderful as one of my characters, truly did an amazing job. One scene, in particular, is my favorite is when one of the characters is sleepy and oh my god. Just very good! Truly recommend him and would love to work with him and the other voice actors.

  • @tfc_originals

    It was a pleasure to work with OfficialJT.  He turns in his lines quickly, and he communicates well.  He has no problem with re-doing lines when ask to, and he makes sure his lines were to your liking.  His acting abilities are great.  He can express both an honest and believable character.  

  • @catdraws14

    His performance when doing the lines was amazing and hilarious to listen to. He's very professional and sent in his lines right away. Thank you so much for bringing Harry to life with your voice acting! Would love to collab again someday! 

  • @catsudonnn

    It was a pleasure working with JT, he was happy to redo lines and adjust his tone upon receiving feedback. I was happy with the outcome and how the character came to life with JT's voice. Would recommend his services for any project and can see he's a great up-and-coming voice actor!

  • @nathannix

    JT was such a great delight to work with! He was always on time with project deadlines and was very receptive to direction. Not only was his promptness a great delight, JT's talent truly does speak for itself. He's an incredible Voice Actor and I can only speak great things about him.