Jacob Racette

Jacob Racette

Voice Actor, Voice Impressionist, Anime and Cartoon lover, and Gamer! Check out my Tik Tok at https://www.tiktok.com/@jpeebis to see an example of what impressions I've done!

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About Jacob Racette

I'm in my Senior year at UNM studying to get my BA in Film with a focus in Voice Acting! My favorite shows right now have been classic Cartoon Network and recent Disney shows such as Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star Vs., DuckTales, Phineas and Ferb, and Amphibia! I have a wide vocal range from Elmo, to Corpse Husband, to everywhere in between! I can do a ton of accents such as Scottish, Australian, British, Irish, Texan, Canadian, Red Neck, and more!

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    Voice acting, when it pertains to non-humanoid characters is an area in which many VAs, even the experienced ones , fall flat. This is no issue for Jacob, the control he harbos over his voice allow him to procure unique sounds, which he knows how to manipulate and diversify creatively into fantastical creatures. The likes of which we would in actuality have no idea what the sound of may be. I would especially recommend him if you are searching to a VA to voice any monsters, or creatures capable of human speech or shrilling.