Riki here!

Riki here!

Nice to meet y’a!VA: 🎙Video game, Audiobook, animation/Anime, commercial

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About Riki here!

Hey there!! I love Voiceacting, it always shows how bringing personality can Heighten a characters look, sound and likability.

Voice acting is always seen as “easier” than acting, but in truth it’s harder. It’s hard for a person to imagine an entire situation when you’re staring into your closet LOL. But, to me, voice acting is a way for me to express my love of characters into a profession.

Udemy - 2022

Voice Acting

Instructed by Peter and Lisa

Per hour: $50.00

(I do this for smaller projects that require more reading than words. If your script has about 1000 words but it’s a minor role, I recommend this pricing.)

(Ex: 2 hour [recording/ revisions time]= $100. 

6 Hour= $300)


Per Word: 0.25 cents per word. 

(With per word, no amount of words in the script will be exact, so I tend to go in-between: Ex: 500-900 words.)

(EX: 200 words= $50.00 / 1,000-1500 words= $375.00/ 5,000- 8,000= $1,250)

What Riki here! is looking for

The work I’m looking for is Video game/ Animation and Anime dubbing. I joined the casting call club because I wanted to gain more experience to represent myself on my resume!

  • @ian-minderman

    Riki was a joy to work with. She is a talented actress who was clear about what she wanted, which made the process smooth. I highly recommend working with her if given the chance!