Gethin Hughes

Gethin Hughes

Amateur Welsh voice actor. DC: gh117 (previously GH117#0920)

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What Gethin Hughes is looking for

I'm most interested in providing my voice for original animation as well as video games, both original and mods.

I'm unlikely to accept requests to take part in Minecraft, Roblox or Gacha projects, but if the writing is good the medium alone won't stop me!

I'm not interested in Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss fan projects. Nothing against y'all but I've had too many requests and the scripts seldom agree with me.

  • @sally_basler

    GH117 does a fantastic job as Gremlin in my upcoming animated feature, "Fat Chance! The Movie". His lines were delivered well before the deadline and with excellent quality. He is a very professional VA and I highly recommend! I look forward to working with him again in the future!

  • @toshij

    GH117 did our Constantine for an audio drama and it was absolutely perfection. On top of that they follow direction well, and got the lines in, in a timely manner!

  • @faintly-mil

    Gethin did a great job voicing "News Reporter #2" in an upcoming episode of my animated series "The McNormals". His delivery was great and I even asked him for a few comedic adlibs which were very funny! Would definitely recommend.  

  • @denver-brennan

    Really Helped with making the role their own. The zygon role was hard to fill and I'm glad I stumbled across a talent who took so much care with crafting the right voice. Gethin is a must for your projects. 

  • @rangernet

    this man is great when it comes to delivering his product thats all i have to say hes a great VA.