Toshi J

Toshi J

Black actress and comic book creator in ATL. I can be your next big (or small) voice. I can go from a small child to a stern woman, to a higher-voiced/tenor male. I have a huge background in theater, and am always looking for new challenges! I'm available here on CCC or IG.

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About Toshi J

Hi, I'm Toshi J. I'm an Atlanta-based Creator, Actress, and voice actress. I am a theatrically trained actress. I started in middle school and studied theater all the way into college. I started voice acting in 2020 and can do a wide range of characters and voice styles. You can see my voice reel here.


  • Microphone: Rode NT1A

  • Interface: Scarlet Solo

  • * Editing Software: Adobe Audition

  • *Chat:

  • Skype

  • Zoom

  • Discord


I base pricing off the industry Voice Rate Guide and the Indie rate guide  for voice acting and indie projects, and the GVAA Rate Guide for corporate and commercial projects. Pricing is negotiable. 

You can email me at [email protected]

What Toshi J is looking for

I love what I do. While I prefer doing character voices, I will also do narration and audio books. I'm always looking for a challenge. I also love the stage, but also do on camera work.

(I do not do profanity)