Samuel Higgins

Samuel Higgins

My name is Samuel and I am a transmasc Voice actor and streamer. Most people call me Grandpa. 

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About Samuel Higgins

I am a Vtuber on Twitch who loves voice acting and playing characters I started my voice actor journey voicing my own characters for DnD and other TTRPGS. I have had the pleasure of taking a course with Wes Johnson one of my favorite voice actors and my dream is to one day work with my favorite video game companies doing all kinds of voices. I am over dramatic and love getting crazy with my voice! You can contact me on discord grandpasamuel

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    What can I say about Samuel Higgins? Well, I'll tell you. Firstly, let me just say that they were a great pleasure to work with. Very friendly, very passionate about their work, and very eager to do what they do. Secondly, they had a quick turn around rate that was amazing. I was able to get the script out and get the work back in a very swift manner that made working on the mod we worked on - Encounters of The Mojave - Camp Searchlight and Cottonwood Cove - much easier and much quicker. I would gladly work with them again if given the chance, and I highly recommend their services to anyone they audition for.