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Eerie Cicada

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About Eerie Cicada

Hello, I like voice acting, painting and singing!

I can also paint art for your YouTube video. You can check out my Instagram to view my artwork:

I was born in January of 2008 - You can use this as my age reference

If chosen for a role, please credit me in the credits! You can use this:

Past and current roles: 

UNDERTALE: FULL GAME DUB (NPC's and Enemies Casting): Faun and Skateboard Girl


Tamahr's "normal" life: Episode 1, Welcome to Chico: Shadow Queen and Prisoner Girl

Warrior Cats-Into The Wild-Prologue:  Mousefur

Undertale Chronicles/Undertale AU: Toriel, Chara, Muffet, Flowey, Undyne, Frisk, and Bratty

Warriors-Into The Wild-Episode One

Smudge: Smudge

DDLC ANIMATION PART 1: Yuri Monster Kid Alphys and Susie Alphys

Undertale the Musical by Quinn: Chara Jessica

What Eerie Cicada is looking for

I'd like to start voice acting for animations and comic dubs!