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Cee VA

I am here to voice act for YOU. 

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About Cee VA

Greetings, my name is Cee (She/Her). I'm a high school student (15-18). Voice acting is something I've been doing for roughly two years. I've taken voice acting lessons and received professional training. I've been performing in the theater since I was five years old because I enjoy using it to escape reality. I play a wide variety of characters. I range in age from small children to elderly pregnant women. (Urinetown) I also sing and have been taking voice lessons for four years. I enjoy playing the piano and dabbling with the drums. I am new to the casting call club, but I have previously done voice acting for small projects. I can't wait to work on new and better projects then ever! 

Rich Voices Studio LLC - 2021

Voice Acting: For Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced

Instructed by

In a summer course, students learned all aspects of voice acting. All the way from dramatic to commercial.

LMS - 2020

Advanced Theatre

Instructed by Hicks

This course will allow students to build upon foundations of vocal, kinesthetic, emotional, analytical, and intellectual elements of theatrical training through improvisation, dramatization, procces-centered elements of dramatic performance, aesthetics, criticism, and history. 

Adobe - 2022

Premiere Pro Certified

Instructed by Test

Each person had to take a 50-minute test to see if they knew enough editing tricks to be certified by Premiere Pro.

JC - 2022

Intro to Film

Instructed by Clay Combs

This course is the beginning and basics to film and animation. Students learned all the different shots and made a bunch of short films. 


Any! I will work on both free and paid projects!

What Cee VA is looking for

I want to improve my skills as a voice actor. Experiment with new tones and more. 

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    Cee is a fantastic voice actor. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any project. They work quickly and diligently, and they have a wonderful personality. I'm excited to see them in new and improved projects.