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  • @simply-a-cat

    Hayden is one of the best voice actors i know! I can’t describe how good they are at voice acting! They bring the character to life when they voice act, and have such a talent with voice acting! I’d definitely recommend having Hayden voice act for you! They put in so much work and effort into their voice acting, and Hayden has a real talent for it!

  • @mochivibes

    I work with Hayden for a while and I can say they have been one of the best voice actors that i worked for! As a voice actor myself working with Hayden was pretty awesome and there really good and I usually don't say that often actually!

  • @masonva


  • @emilytran

    HAYDEN IS SO AMAZING AND NICE! They can get their lines in on time I've been in projects with her. They are so sweet to fellow cast mates. They get along with a lot of people and like joking around in a friendly way. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND HER SO FRIGGAN HARD.

  • @sepiaant8071

    SxmpllieElla (aka HaydenVA#6066) is one of the best talented individuals who I had the opportunity to work with. They have created wonderful short videos and stories that impress me, even though I have worked with some of the best Machinima directors and video creators. Their ability to make the projects fun and enjoyable for the voice actors to record for, and their respectful personality creates a comfortable, friendly work relationship. I can honestly say that most people who create similar content like SxmpllieElla can learn quite a bit from them. They deserve more support with their project whether it is voice actors, artists, fans or subscriptions.

  • @maddie-heaven

    Hello Hayden. It's me Maddie or The Cookie tree UnU lol. Just MaddieHeaven. I have a few things to say. You have been an very amazing Owner. You work very hard. And make things more fun in the Cast server. You are an amazing and strong person. That's what I like about you. Never give up and reach to new goals ^^

    Also eat more cookies UnU

  • @anniexva

    Hayden and I work together in a couple projects, and can I say it's been a complete delight! Hayden is so talented at voice work as well as editing, etc! They are extremely friendly and hardworking as well! Please please please cast them in your projects!! You won't regret it!

  • @vanillaangel

    They are really nice and I find them very consistent and they are very fun to hang around with and I’d definitely recommend them ^^

  • @vanillaangel

    This person is very nice and very fun to hang around with I definitely think that they would be a good person to work with ^^

  • @pastelldaisies

    SxmpllieElla (HaydenVA#6066) is an amazing va! They can also sing and they have directed their own series' many times. I was so fortunate to be able to work with them! ^^

  • @jamill

    Hayden is the best VA/Director ever shes so Kind to everyone thats why everyone loves her because of her Kindness and also a very funny person she so beautiful The inside and the outside so im very very happy and thankful to God that i have a friend like her <333

    Heres a cookie Hayden Remember that all of us Love you :3

  • @berri

    Hayden is a very good VA! I’m surprised that she’s only been casted once on ccc. She can convey her emotions well and takes many takes for each audition that she does! She is also a very fun person and has a unique personality! ^^