Alexa Tuttle

Alexa Tuttle

Professional Home Studio ★ Source Connect Standard / Skype / Zoom ★ Blue Kiwi Multi-Pattern FET Studio Condensor Mic ★ Apollo Twin X Interface ★ Quick Turnaround Time ★ Easy to work with ★ Provides VO Talent, Editing, Mastering, and Delivered Files in Any Format (mp3, WAV, AIFF, Dropbox, etc.)

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About Alexa Tuttle

Hey! I'm Alexa and as an author and filmmaker myself, I know how
important it is to connect with voice talent that not only understands
and appreciates your story, but who can bring your written words to life
through the art of voice acting. My voice has been described as
enthusiastic, articulate, smooth, bright, clear, warm, friendly, and
lends itself best to Young Adult (12-20), and Adult (20-30) characters.
If you're passionate about your work, I am, too. Let's work together!

Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts - 2017

B.F.A. Film Production

Instructed by Working Industry Professionals

I wrote and directed three films while at Chapman. The third (my senior thesis) went on to win over 20 awards from festivals around the world, and got me invited to San Diego Comic-Con!

The Voice Actors Studio - 2022

Improv for Animation

Instructed by Brent Mukai

Brought my character work and improv skills to the next level!

Jeremy Hall Private Coaching - 2022

VideoGame Voice Acting

Instructed by Jeremy Hall

Jeremy has helped me ace my VideoGame acting by teaching me how to provide all my characters and auditions with depth, complexity, and life.

Dialect Coach Chris Lang - 2022

Universal Accent Skills

Instructed by Chris Lang

Chris has taught me how to apply accent and dialect construction techniques to every character. We all have accents!

Shanelle Gray Studios - 2021

Commercial Voice Acting

Instructed by John Mitchell

John said I'd be booking if I was auditioning for the commercial roles we practiced in his class. So I decided to pursue a VO career and bam! He was right! I started booking right away.

Shanelle Gray Studios - 2021

Animation Voice Over

Instructed by Ogie Banks

Ogie taught me about differing approaches to animation depending on the network and audience. It was a blast!

The Halp Network - 2022

Auditioning for Video Games

Instructed by Julia Bianco Schoeffling

I learned SO MUCH about what Video Game casting directors are listening for in an audition, how to add context to your lines, and interesting ways to make a role your own without ad-libbing. Julia's a great teacher!

The Voice Actors Studio - 2022

Commercial Essentials

Instructed by Melissa Moats

Honed in on tips and tricks from the pros for soft-sell vs medium-sell vs hard-sell reads, conversational vs announcer, television vs. radio, how to read for specific timings (:10's, :15's,
:30's and :60's), how to shave seconds off of a read, vocal warmups, etc.!


I prefer to quote all my projects on a per-project basis.

What Alexa Tuttle is looking for

I LOVE doing character work for Animation and Video Games. I joined CCC to find more Video Game auditions, specifically, but I adore anything to do with characters. I tend to be a perfect match for high-energy, bubbly, energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, relatable characters. My voice has been described as articulate, smooth, bright, clear, warm, lively, and
lends itself best to Young Adult (12-20), and Adult (20-35) characters.
If you're passionate about your work, I am, too. Let's work together!

  • @cgy95

    I worked with Alexa on my Fallout: New Vegas mod: Race To The Bottom where they performed the voice work for several audio logs from the character Molly McCallister within the game's levels. The delivery of the lines was perfect and captured the required emotions the character was experiencing in-game. Alexa delivered the lines in a timely manner and was willing to do retakes at any point all with top tier audio equipment. It was a pleasure to work with someone with such professionalism and they will be on my shortlist for any future projects!