Mitch Kaeyla

Mitch Kaeyla

Hello my name is Mitch I am hoping to create many connections through my journey.

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About Mitch Kaeyla

I am a 20 year old Filipino voice over artist with an ongoing bachelor degree in Multimedia Arts (Animation) currently part-taking voice acting as a hobby/passion. I am looking forward to my voice acting journey in this third-party website Casting Call Club. In terms of voice over experiences. I have been into Podcasting, Event Hosting, and Shout-casting aside from voice-over experiences I can sing, play instruments, draw sketches, and video edit.


Free for now, I am here for experience.

What Mitch Kaeyla is looking for

I am looking for Danganronpa like projects and mystery and crime solving projects. I am also alright with Slice of life types and some shounen voice overs.

  • @voicesofwynn

    Mitch voiced an airship captain for one of our quests, did a great job doing so!!

  • @voicesofwynn

    Mitch also voiced a villager that is visiting a dwarfen settlement. The voice he gave him fit perfectly. Always a pleasure working with him