Zach Swasta

Zach Swasta

Actor, Writer, Director, Video Editor, All-Around Dork

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About Zach Swasta

My name is Zach Swasta, from Horseheads, NY. I am a Zach of All Trades. I write, I make movies, I edit video, I do voices, I try to be funny, and I'm one of many people who think they have a unique vision; only difference is, I actually believe it. I am an Emerson College grad, and I have an eclectic taste in genres of all kind.

I've written film scripts, directed for live television, acted in multiple plays, the usual like. Creativity is my strongest suit. If you have a project in mind for me, don't hesitate to reach out! My email is [redacted] for any inquiries. 


$100 minimum, otherwise negotiable.

What Zach Swasta is looking for

Writing Projects, Video Editing Projects, Something with Creative Use of Voice, and above all, something to give me a challenge.