Zhey/Zhem/Zheir/Zhyr/Voi/Void/One/Oneself/ No pronouns. 

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About AxioMunk

20, Nonbinary. Love acting as a whole and people told me I should VA so here we are.

I do this as a hobby and I only work with projects I would enjoy as an audience member with people that feel good to be around.

Much love, folks, keep up what you're doin'.

I love voicing anything video games, and I've found a niche in FNAF fangames.


Commercial Work is a solid $0.10 USD per word with proper publicized credit, or 25 bucks for 250 words per script. I love doing nonprofit stuff to get my name out there as well!

What AxioMunk is looking for

I want to be in a video game, a skit, a short, anywhere I can act. I also love to write, though I've never done it in a group before. I have access to editing software and game creation software, as well as VFX.

  • @auroraaveva

    Incredible voice, better range, even better person. Trust me, you want AxioMunk on your team!