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About xono

Hi, Xono here! I go by they/he pronouns!

| My Skills |

I've been Script Writing for 5+ years and have learned a lot within those years, which you can see in my work today. 

 Writing is a hobby I picked up only because of the many ideas that roam my mind. I tend to write these Ideas down and view them at a later date. If the idea strikes some inspiration, I will most definitely be making a story out of it.

I have also been making music for around 6+ years across multiple platforms, mainly using FL Studio and Musescore to plan orchestral pieces! I learned the majority of Music Theory through Band, in which I played the Trumpet for 5 years. 2 years in Middle School, 3 In High School. Within those years and with the help of my teachers, I've learned and grown to enjoy many different genres of music and the aspects that come with them. This led me to become a freelance producer, making music my own personal series and for others who strive to achieve success for their goal(s)

| Projects I am Working On |

    Projects not listed are either at standby or are being worked on at a slower pace! Cancelled Projects will not be listed

Liminality: Lead Song Composer

Wolves of Ekhala: Song Composer

Origins: Music Composer

| Completed Projects |



I'm free to do either Paid or Un-Paid Projects. More details can be viewed in my Portfolio.

What xono is looking for

I am looking to Write and Make Music for Films,  Animations, and Games! I hope that while working with you, we will learn some useful skills and make some new friends along the way!