Ian King Morris

Ian King Morris

Pro Voice Actor growling and gnashing teeth in my quiet box. 

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About Ian King Morris


I'm Ian, full-time voice actor. Did West Point and the Army thing for a while, now I get to act!

Most of my credits (and all my recent ones) are under a cool Pseudonym, so I'm excited to work under my real name too! The goal is to do animation and video games till my voice gives out, then get a voice transplant or something and do it more. 

Berklee Online - 2022

Professional Certification in General Music Studies

Instructed by Multiple

ProTools 101, Critical Listening 101, Music Theory 101, Music Production Analysis

This was to help me gain an understanding of audio production, and help me understand how voice contributes to larger creative audio projects. 


Video Game Voice Over: Let's Talk! :)

Animation: Let's Talk! :)

For audio books: $225 Raw, $325 Per Finished Hour (edited, etc.), $350 Per Finished Hour for Duet style 

What Ian King Morris is looking for

Awesome characters! I get to do some pretty fantastic audiobooks under a different name, but I'm in love with acting and want to move the bulk of my work to animation and video games.