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About Wordnerd29

I'm an independent writer, musician, and voice over artist out of Hartford, CT. I have over 15 years of radio experience which included announcing, interviews, public service announcements (PSAs), and audio production of various promos and public service announcements. I have also created music and sound effects for theatre, both live and recorded.  I would especially like to explore voice, music, and sound effects work for video games.  Thanks for checking out my profile.

Demos & Samples

Monologue - Dale Horvath - The Walking Dead Season 1

Just a rendition of a great part from a wise character on The Walking Dead.

Radio Promo Sampler

A sample of old radio spots, showcasing my voice but also audio production and editing skills.

Fallout: New Vegas - Peace in the Valley Derrick Danko samples

A sampling of the recordings I did for a character. Derrick Danko is an optional companion for a quest mod.