*does an awesome skateboard trick* howbowdah

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About WittyCleverUsername

Mainly looking to voice act for fun. I dont expect to get any leading roles, I feel more comfortable with minor roles, extras and minor characters. 

My preference on the type of character I'd like to play is morons with medium-to-high pitched voices, cowards, assholes, stuff like that, I think that type of role fits my voice nicely.


I typically won't charge unless you've got a lot of funding and it shows, for passion projects or even indie works, I'll most likely do it for fun and/or feeling cool when I get to hear my voice in someone else's project.

What WittyCleverUsername is looking for

I'm looking to do funny/amusing work, I don't take myself too seriously and though I don't close myself to doing more serious roles, I still prefer reading funny lines, doing funny voices, or playing a funny character, y'know, funny funny funny.

I joined Casting Call Club a while back, for fun aswell, but now I'm relatively "back" ever since I got a BlueYeti Nano. Makes me feel powerful.