Konnichiwa Talent

Konnichiwa Talent

A semi-professional voice acting group, looking to hone our skills.

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About Konnichiwa Talent

Meet the team:

Noah - Hi! I'm Noah, I'm a professional video editor, and a writer on the side. I want to get into the voice acting sphere and so Konnichiwa Talent is a great starting point for me. I want to help each project I'm a part of to be the best it can be.

Sarah - Hai~ I'm Sarah, I've very glad to part of team! I love puppies and ice cream. I'm suuuuupppperrrr excited to start my voice acting career. I look forward to working with you :D

John - Hi, I'm John aspiring leader, from my many skills you will see that I am a perfect candidate for the your voice acting positions. to speaking to screaming just ask. I also dabble in a bit whispering. Choose me to get professional speaking done right.

Seonin - I'm a marketing executive looking to get my start in voice acting with konnichiwa talent

Aliver - Hey I'm Aliver, and I'm kinda just along for the ride. In terms of voice acting I definitely have room to improve, but I can use my more autistic side very well. I'm also known to make the best of a bad situation, such as terrible mic quality.

Apollo - I AM APOLLO! I am a professional actor (voice and film), art enthusiast, and aspiring autist. I have a medium-low voice with a very high range. I play the piano, ukulelel, and kazoo. I can also do any accent you can think of ... (speak with my agent on culture appropriation). I particular good at anime and friendship.

What Konnichiwa Talent is looking for

Our team is looking to practice their skills in voice acting