Hello! I'm WaveeA, a voice actress and singer! -Currently not accepting new roles-

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About WaveeA

-Currently not accepting new roles-


Hello everyone! I'm WaveeA! For anything I audition for or am accepted for, I will always do my very best to have my entry at its top quality. You can contact me through CCC or Discord (Wavee A#7389.)

Here is a Google Drive Folder that includes my resume, accepted roles, and more: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1B0csZ6UgK8acgkscjpWLjz4Uy4KV1ssA?usp=sharing

Voice Acting

 I record using Audacity. I'm practicing my voice range and would love to help out in future projects. I try to have minimal background noise, to have the best audio quality possible. I don't get offended or mad easily, and if I am asked to redo lines or anything I do, I will do it gladly. My natural voice is medium, on the higher side, but I can go lower or higher. Just check out my previous auditions for an idea of how my voice sounds!


A Few Things To Know About Voice Acting and Me:

1. You can message me about anything pertaining to voice acting, or anything else.

2. I will try to respond to messages within 48 hours, so please be patient.

3. My time zone is PST.

4. Though I'm just your average teenager, I take my roles seriously, and will always turn in my parts by the deadline at their best.


No charges for the time being!

What WaveeA is looking for

I would love to have voice acting opportunities, especially in dubs and animated projects.