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Warrior T

“VEGETA YES!” -Vegeta T4S

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About Warrior T

I’m a beginner Voice Actor and Minecraft Animator, and I am enjoying learning every aspect of it. Doing these projects for the fun of it, and to meet new people.

Discord: WarriorTProductions

What Warrior T is looking for

Voice Acting

Minecraft Animating

  • @freddy523vevo

    This dude is a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend him for deep voice roles. You see his audition, definitely consider him for the role.

  • @deleted589808

    Terrel has given me more giggles than what I thought was possible! He is kind, funny, and is there for you! He is great with lower voices and I can't wait to work with him more! < 3

  • @purpleguy87

    I have had Sky for one project and we're collaborating on a few other ones. I'm gonna be honest here, he sadly doesn't have a lot of vocal range, but he does specialize in deeper voices such as Nightmarrionne from FNaF 4 (Halloween DLC), and Asmodeus (or Ozzie) from Helluva Boss. He's great to work with, very professional, and a blast and a half to have around. So I highly recommend him (for deeper voiced roles).

  • @rockstar1200

    Met them recently through a project I'm working on, amazing voice actor. Great person as well. If you get a chance to work with them, take it in a heartbeat. 

  • @reddec85

    Has been super awesome to work with on multiple projects! Highly recommended!